• Why Businesses NEED to have an Online Presence


    Modern users are reliant on Search Engine Results

    If Google doesn’t know you exist chances are 48% of your potential clients don’t. In a mobile marketing study by SmartInsights, researchers found that 48% of users rely on search engines for mobile research, 33% on Branded Websites, and 26% on Branded Apps. If you’re relying on other means to attract in new customers, keep in mind that’s only a small fraction of the people you could be bringing in – just imagine the increase in publicity and conversion with an online presence.

    Users find value in accessibility and poor value in inaccessibility

    If your users and future customers can’t find you online, you’ll be disregarded in seconds – losing potential sales by the minute. Businesses without websites are seen to be outdated, unprofessional, and low quality. Business owners who don’t take advantage of the latest modern technology are seen as ignorant and hard to reach. Most users are converted to customers when they can browse your services, products, and information on their own time (usually non-working hours) and from the comfort of their own home – an online presence allows a user to do so.

    Future Customers will find you

    You might be a business owner who claims that your users “aren’t computer people or tech-saavy” – this might be true. However, if you’re a business owner who is looking for or needs more customers – chances are they will find you, if you let them. Most people find the service providers and products they are looking for through the internet. If you don’t have an online presence you’re missing out on future customers and therefore future sales.

    The power of an effective, successful, and professional website

    “My cousin [insert ‘non-immediate family relative’ here] is building my website.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this line. Unless your cousin is a professional web developer, chances are he’s most likely building websites as a hobby and doesn’t know the difference between “inline-block” and “block” – and trust me there’s a difference. A website that’s professionally built will have great performance, faster page load times, responsive design, and be rich in SEO keywords for optimized search engine results. If your cousin builds you a good-looking website but hasn’t optimized it to be user-friendly – what good does it benefit your business if your users can’t find you?

    Ads are temporary. Online presence is FOREVER.

    Most business owners think a well-timed and executed classified or ad campaign is an effective approach to bringing in new customers and increasing sales margins and profits. Think again! With the amount of money spent putting an ad in the local newspaper or the surplus of printed marketing materials businesses pay for – materials that expire quickly and are thrown out almost immediately – you could’ve built an online presence. Save your marketing money for an investment that will keep on returning in interest – your future website. The initial cost of a website is more expensive than a spot in the newspaper or a stack of color-printed flyers but those materials won’t last or reach out to even a third of your potential customers. An online presence doesn’t expire and cannot be thrown out and with an online presence you can reach out to EVERYONE – not just the people you can hand or mail flyers and newspapers to – your website will be searchable and viewable via mobile phones, tablets, and computers!

    Don’t think of your website and online presence as just an advertisement, it’s not, it’s so much more! Your website not only acts a way to advertise to customers but also inform. Creating an online presence will let search engines (therefore people) find your existence in the most convenient way – they will be able to find your business address, phone number, email address, and services / products list – all the information they would need to contact you and place an order or request a service.


    If your competitors lack the resources and technology of an online presence, you’ll have the upper hand. If your competitors already have an online presence and you don’t, they’ve got the edge and you’ll need to squash it.

    An online presence allows businesses to reach out and “capture” new leads, customers, and sales – if your business isn’t online than someone else’s business is getting those sales even if your services and products are better or cheaper – the best way to let them know? Online presence. Websites allow people to compare prices, browse your products and services, review past work and testimonials, creates trust, builds credibility and establishes a reputation for your business.

    If you have questions about your business’ online presence or want to learn about getting one in the first place, get in touch with Stirling Technologies today for a free consultation!

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