Member Roles



  • President (Tom Stirling)
    • Sends bi-weekly email – Wednesday between the meetings to keep members up to speed on the schedule.
    • Run the meetings and manages the bi-weekly agenda including introducing speakers and attending to .
    • Manage technology of group including new features for website and other communication tools used by the group.


  • Vice- President (TBD)


    • Holds all positions accountability.
    • Runs the meetings in the absence of the president.


  • Business Minute (Jim Farrell)


    • Provides weekly e-blast of useful business information to keep communication between meetings.

Green Team


  • Secretary (Mark DalBon)


    • Data entry into website
    • Scheduling (making sure room is available, holidays, coordinate with president)
    • Provide reporting to clerk prior to each meeting


  • Clerk (Paul Moriarty)


    • Review reporting with group at each meeting
    • Leaderboard
    • Bucket being passed


  • Treasurer’s (Dinapoli & Juliano)


    • Monitoring renewal dates and collecting annual checks
    • Maintains spreadsheet
    • Maintaining bank account
    • Quarterly reporting
    • Jim – collects, checks and pays bills, Mike keeps track of books and quarterly reporting.

Blue Team


  • Sphere Cordinator (Hugh Villeneuve)


    • Responsible for cordinating more of an emphasas on the spheres of this group
    • Will work with the visitor host to prospect and find new members that complement our existing members in this group


  • Visitor Host (Paul DalBon)


    • Accountable for at least 1 visitor every meeting
    • Weekly communication to members on visitor status
    • Maintain spreadsheet of guests – who invited – did they join


  • Visitor Ambassador (Andy Hackett)


    • Visitor follow up until decision is membership is made
    • Coordinate joining membership
    • Collect check
    • Notify treasurer of Anniversary date


  • Member Success (Frank Scarbo)


    • This role is responsible for onboarding new members (coffee – 1 to 1, group review, understand bni similarities, point of contact for new members, process of slips, 1 on 1s, closed bus, etc)

Red Team

  • Pod Coordinator (Tom Farrell)
    • Outside meetings – minimum 1/quarter
    • Quarterly required
    • Assists in Sphere meetings (i.e technology sphere, real estate sphere, etc)


  • Scheduling Coordinator (TBD)


    • Make sure room is available.
    • Ensure holiday schedule is taken into consideration.

Silver Team

  • New Members – All new members are free from a role for the first 6 months of membership. Once you have been a member for 6 months you are expected to seek out one of the existing members who’s role seems like a fit and provide assistance. You are also welcome to suggest a new role to the president.
    • Phillip Grisafi
    • Jared Costantino
    • Steve Lapham
  • Members without roles – you are tasked with identifying how you can apply your skills to grow TBC. That can be in the form of complementing or assisting an existing leadership role or suggesting a new one.
    • Nancy Rolli-Healy
    • Patrick Horrigan
    • Julie Ventola