• May Program: Are you Too Busy? Practical Tips for Time Management

    Lorena PrimeHow To Get The Most Out Of Your Day

    Please join us on May 9th at 8AM. In this program we will explore ways to improve your own organization, and get more out of your day. Did you know the average person uses their phone over 150 times per day (about every six minutes). We all know that we have distractions at work, and we will explore ways to combat these distractions to improve productivity!

    Lorena Prime, of Clearly Organized, provides training and consulting services that help people become more effective, productive, and organized. Clearly Organized helps people manage time better, set priorities, deal with emails and paperwork efficiently, manage daily tasks, overcome procrastination, and organize office spaces more usefully. “We streamline, automate, or eliminate tasks and assess work flow and business processes to create higher productivity and efficiency.” With her individual coaching or group training sessions, people learn life- long skills and gain 55 minutes or more every day!

    Program Overview

    There’s a lot expected of you, but you can manage your day so that you’re still in control. In this seminar, you’ll learn tips and techniques to help you prioritize, handle emails and papers, get organized, as well as learn other practical, tactical information to help you be more productive and get done what needs to be done.

    Additional topics to choose from (depending on length of seminar)

    • Delegating
    • Holding Effective Meetings
    • Strategically Using Your Calendar
    • Reducing Distractions & Interruptions
    • Balancing Work, Home, and Other Obligations

    “Today’s Time Management session was excellent. Lorena is a very good speaker and really knows her topic. I took several helpful tips away and can’t wait to try them out!” – Attendee from Time Management presentation


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