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"After your first meeting the leadership team will review the application and determine if the group is a good match"

After your first meeting the leadership team will review the application and determine if the group is a good match

If you are interested in becoming a member of the group, this section outlines the membership process. The annual fee for TBC membership is currently $250. Only 1 member per industry is allowed in the group. Come to a meeting in order to meet the group and determine if it is a good match. After the first meeting it will be determined if your line of work is a conflict with any of the other existing members. (** TBC allows only one member per industry).

If your business is not a conflict you can fill out our online application here. Complete the online application in order to notify the TBC leadership team of your interest in the group. You must find an existing member to mentor you prior to membership consideration. If membership is accepted you will be welcomed to the group at the start of the next meeting.

During your attendance to these meeting you are encouraged to engage with other members outside of the meeting. It is part of the TBC culture to meet outside of the meetings in order to learn more about each others business. Part of the leadership team decision on an your application will be your effort to learn about the group, and engaging members. This will also help you determine if the group is a good match by getting a first hand account of the group. The leadership looks highly upon those potential members who engage in the process. Bringing referrals to a meeting, while in the membership process, is a clear sign that you run your business through networking and is looked highly upon during the application process.



At times we do have competition for a seat in the group if there are 2 guests vying for the same seat. The leadership team may ask to interview you as part of the membership process. In competition situations the leadership team may request to interview both parties.

What To Expect

TBC was not designed for passive membership. What we mean by this is if your intent is to simply show up with the expectation to receive business, this would not be the group for you. TBC is simply a forum for you to develop and cultivate business relationships. The reward of the group will be a direct reflection of the effort you put into forming those relationships. The members who have found success within the group have found success through their own efforts. Not simply showing up and waiting. That simply will not work.

Attendance Policy

Members are allowed 1 EXCUSED missed meetings/quarter (3rd absence to result in separation from the group). What is an Excused absence: When a member knows they will be missing a meeting, THEY MUST contact Andy Hackett BY THE FRIDAY PRECEDING THE MEETING via e-mail ( ) or mobile phone (781-367-9551). An unexcused absence is failure to notify Tom of your absence. This may result in immediate dismissal per the membership committee. Attendance is extremely important for the optimum performance of the group.

Referral Policy

Members are asked to submit a minimum of 12 referrals during the calendar year to retain membership for the following calendar year. The leadership Team will track referral data along with other metrics that the group also tracks (Attendance, money generated, 1 to 1’s, etc). Access to each members referral numbers are always available in the members section of this website. Each quarter the Leadership Team will review members referral numbers and provide support to those members under performing in order to help them attain the minimum standard of 12. The goal of the referral policy is to improve the overall performance of the group and to set an attainable standard by which results can be measured.

Member Acceptance

If membership is confirmed you are required to a) give your membership dues check to the treasurer in the amount of $250. The check should be written out to Jim Juliano b) You must join the TBC group email account in order to receive updates from the group, and you must join the TBC Linked in Group in order to communicate with the group in regards to send/receive specific announcements, events, etc, that members/your business may advertise. Your membership will not be announced to the group until the above has been completed. Contact Tom Stirling to get access to the group email account and connect with our LinkedIn page.


If your business philosophy is to gain high quality referrals through business networking then we encourage you to go through the application process. Through attending meetings, and engaging members, you will be able to determine if a group like TBC is a good fit for your business. TBC encourages guests and you will find the meetings to be very visitor friendly.