• February Visitors Day Moved To March

    unnamedAs a reminder this meeting has been moved to March 21st at 8 am, will feature a speaking program from Dan Candell a professional hypnotist. The speaker will focus on helping each of us break out of our bad habits and make the most out of each of our day. This program is a great opportunity to invite a guest and as always coffee, and breakfast is going to be provided.

    Introduction to Mastering Your Persuasion and Influence Skills

    Why do people buy?

    People buy out of necessity, desire, and emotion. What if you could influence positive emotions in prospects so that they know YOU are the right person to buy from? That would be almost like magic, wouldn’t it?

    In This Training, You Will MASTER The Three Components of Corporate & Sales Champions

    There are three components that every person MUST master in order to increase their performance.

    1) Communicating Value: In this training, Dan teaches how to communicate value to the prospective customer. If they do not see the value, then they will go elsewhere.

    2) Master Persuasion & Influence Skills: A sales champion is able to persuade prospects without being pushy, and they are able to create trust and rapport while doing this so that the prospect feels comfortable as they go through the sales process.

    3) Mastering Their Own Psychology: A sales champion is a true master of their behaviors and thinking. They are confident, motivated, driven, and productive. They are also focused and can easily eliminate distractions.

    In this award winning sales training, Dan shows attendees how to master the above three components, which as a result, will boost their performance, their sales, and their abilities to connect with any prospect on a new level!

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