Sharing ideas and concepts with the group to market your business"

“Sharing ideas and concepts with the group to market your business”

Purpose & Overview

The PURPOSE of the networking group is to bring together like-minded business owners and professionals who are ambitiously expanding and growing their practice through personal introductions and referrals from its members.

The PROCESS the networking group uses to ripen their culture is by holding monthly meetings in which members gather to promote their business, introduce potential new members and exchange contacts.

The PAYOFF to the networking group members is sharing ideas and concepts to market their business that may lend a different perspective from what they have experienced, knowledge of different industries which can add value to their client base by demonstrating they are resource and most importantly new prospects, clients, sources of business.


Our History

"Meetings are held at 800 Cummings Park, Suite 4750 in Woburn."

“Meetings are held at 800 Cummings Park, Suite 4750 in Woburn.”

TBC was formed in 2007 with just 3 members. At the time the economy was going through some turbulence putting the stress and pressure for small business owners to be creative in the way they run their business. The goal was to meet and work together on helping each others business. Being from different industries was a benefit in that we determined that we shared many of the same struggles, even though our line of work was so different. The outcome was that all of the issues we were facing were a symptom of one problem. We needed higher quality leads.

It was determined that through referrals we could help each other leverage our marketing while connecting with high quality people. TBC has continued to grow and half of the group of have been members for over 3 years. The real benefit to TBC is the character of our members. The proven systems and process that TBC has created during the past 9 years allows the group to run efficiently while also creating an atmosphere for business to thrive.